I know this is gonna sound crazy! 🤪 But, I think My Secret Money Plan is going to make you, my readers and myself a lot of money!

I will first talk about the theory and foundation of the thinking. And then, I will go into the application and the business plan to execute it.

I was attending this online webinar by Jay Abraham (the guru of business gurus’ gurus), when…

He said something along the line of “Whatever you do in your business, always do what gives you Geometrical Growth 🤑 in all areas of your business.”

This triggered my crazy “Theory of Unrelated Cross Multipliers“…

Watch the video below to get an idea of what it is about…

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Note that in my theory – the keyword is Unrelated. Notice how an unrelated banana skin triggered the chain of events through the community.

This is similar (but not the same) to the Butterfly Effect whereby a butterfly flapping its wings in California will cause a snow storm in Thailand.

My specific idea is below. But, I believe you can work out many different permutations just based on this. No limits!

My thinking is such – produce cross multiplier geometrical effects through an unrelated book publishing/ writing business with a physical products eCommerce business. 🥳

STEP #1: Kindle and/or Physical Book Publishing/ Writing

If you like writing like I do, you can write books and sell them on Amazon through Kindle and other online book stores. You can do offline too!

If you don’t like writing, you can outsource it and start a publishing business.

You can find out more about how to do it here…

Now, here’s the thing. The books you sell is NOT the “end-product”.

There has to be a “Next Step” to it.

For instance, you can use the book as a door opener to your consulting or coaching services or sell some digital courses and so on.

Tip: build a network of free kindle books that “feed back” and cross promote all your other paid books.

However, this is insufficient for our Unrelated Cross Multiplier Effects.

This is where Step #2 comes in…

Step #2: Dropship, Wholesale eCommerce Setup

In step #1, if you use the Kindle System to cross promote your books, you would have set up a buyer network effect in Amazon and other book platforms.

Your readers already show that they are interested in what you have to offer.

Imagine that in your books, you mention your own physical products to help them get the results they want. Wouldn’t they be interested? And, wouldn’t you multiply out your sales?

The typical way is to use Alibaba or AliExpress to find these products. But, I’m sure you’ve probably heard of how eCommerce businesses were decimated by poor product quality and bad delivery timings.

But, I’ve found a solution for you…

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For instance, if you like dogs, you can set up a dog products eCommerce store and publish dog training books.

Further, you can outsource golfing books to golfing writers and sell expensive golf clubs and apparels to golfers via your books. You can give them “for readers only” special discounts to entice them to buy.

Not only that, when they visit your eCommerce stores to buy, you would have captured their email addresses and home addresses. This means you can send them more promotions and sell them more things.

But, you cannot do this if you are only on Amazon platform. That is why Step #1 alone is not enough. You have to get them onto your own platform.

Imagine taking this idea and multiplying it out to almost any type of pets, hobbies, and passion! You will be a publishing and eCommerce tycoon at the same time! I like the sound of that.

However, a dream is just a dream, unless, we take action. Only then, can a dream become reality. It has to start with Step #1.

Step #3: The Ultimate Unrelated Cross Multiplier

My advice is DO NOT do this step until you’re ready.

One of my biggest problems is trying to do too much at the same time.

There is a reason why I thought Kindle makes a good Step #1. The reason is because you own the books and you have a proper business.

I’m doing an affiliate marketing business here. In which case, I own nothing except my website “Incredible Discovery”. This is NOT a proper proper business, in my opinion.

But, the problem with Step #1 is that if you just stop at the books, you’re missing out on more sales. Why not, add eCommerce to the books?

In this way, you maximize the sales from your readers and provide even more value to them.

But, starting an eCommerce store maybe a problem. So, I found this…

It was just added to what I feel is the Ultimate Unrelated Cross Multiplier.

Click here to learn more about how to bring My Secret Money Plan together…

To your business success!

Janet Tolle 😍